All Hail the King of Multimedia – I’m Not Worthy!

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Paul Wackell – Imagine Web Designs
Principal Website Designer – Marketing Consultant

Yup – I’m a tech geek and a golf junky, so of course there’s no hope for me! But at least this week, there’s the Masters! I mentioned in a previous blog entry that the Masters website is on the cutting edge with streaming media this week. I am now reveling in this, in all it’s golfing addiction, techno geek  glory! (Guess whose dining alone tonight! I wonder if that big L on my forehead will ever wash off!)

In years past I would be waiting for the TV coverage to being later in the afternoon to get my golfing fix, occasionally checking the Leaderboard online but not any more. One of the benefits of self employment is that I’m able to multitask – work and watch golf – without some sycophantic looser of manager, and drinker of the corporate cool aide telling me what to do! So yes, I’m blogging for business, checking email, and yes watching the masters online.

Enough of my mental dump, the running dissertation that is my inability to stop talking (just ask my friends) Back to the Masters Online!

Their streaming player is awesome. In addition to the selection of hole locations to watch, all with commentary, the media player is loaded with extras. If you choose you can set up the screen simply, just watching the players, you can display a box with hole and player info, display a leaderboard, and even watch picture in picture!

On top of that, the control bar allows you to replay, rewind and scan through the feed. When you cursor over the bar it will display a pop up box with info about what happened at that particular moment.

Check out the screen shots below to see some of the options you can actually view! Better yet go to the Masters site.

The Masters Streaming Coverage
Streaming Masters Video
Masters Streaming Video - each player has a link to more info where you can access the player's bio, scorecard, interviews additional photos and more

Masters Steaming Video - with picture in picture - way cool!
Masters Streaming Video - The whole shebang - infor overload!!

Masters Streaming Video - The control bar displaying timeline informtion

So what’s my point? As a reader you are most likely not a golf junky. It’s even less likely you are a computer nerd! So why should this matter to me?

While you may not be the above you are most likely a business owner. And as a business owner you should be using the internet and all its tools to market your business and develop your brand. You should visit the Masters site to see how well media can be used on a website to deliver content, branding, and product info to your clients.

This site is well designed, attractive, uses video and audio extremely well, is loaded with content that is easy to access, find and understand. What more could you ask for.

What lessons can you learn from this site that might apply to your business – take a look and see!!!