Appearance Matters – Putting Your Best Foot Forward

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Paul Wackell – Imagine Web Designs
Principal Website Designer – Inbound Marketing Consultant

So you’ve decided it’s time to redesign your less than spectacular website the neighbor’s kid did for your years ago, or worse yet, you finally realized this internet thing isn’t fad and its time to jump on the bandwagon (better late than never I guess) and build a website for your business.

To save time you’ve decided to recycle a bunch of photos of your products and your staff you took with your cheap digital camera – you know the ones – they’re out of focus – they’re dark – the tops of peoples heads are cut off – but what does it matter, you’re proud of them and besides who can afford to hire a professional photographer. Right! – I’m trying to save money!

Wrong! You may just have made a decision that will not only not save you money, it may loose you money! How can that be you ask? Why would a picture matter? So what if it doesn’t look great, who cares?

Potential clients care. There is a psychology to the internet particularly in relation to business websites. Appearance matters! People often will make an assessment about your skill, your level of professionalism, your credibility as a business owner based solely on the appearance of you website. And they will make that judgment in just a few brief seconds!

If you have a less than professional looking website, the judgment –  you are less than professional. Here’s where the loosing money part comes in. If someone is searching for your type of product or service and they find your site and don’t like it, they will hit the back button on their browser and go to the next business  on the list – business lost without you ever knowing about it.

How much business are you loosing based on the appearance of your website? If you study your web analytics you should have some suspicions. Lots of visitors come to your home page, who only stay a few seconds and don’t go to other pages. Combine those stats with the phone not ringing and take a wild guess what’s going on.

So how do photos fit in here. Photos are one important part of what makes a website design work well. Quality photos can make an average website better, a good website great. It pays to have a photographer take photos of your products and staff. Put your best foot forward!

Why wouldn’t you want to show your products in the best light (photography pun intended)? Why wouldn’t you want you or your staff to look their best? Take pride in your business! The money will be well worth it. (Oh and by the way, if you are looking for a photographer via Google and you come to a photographer’s website and it looks lousy, feel free to go on to the next one on the list. If a photographer doesn’t get that appearance matters in such a visual business, you don’t want to work with him or her.)