Bachmann Turner Overdrive! – The Devil is in the Details

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Paul Wackell
Principal Web Designer, SEO Strategist, Social Media Consultant

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In last nights Republican Presidential debate from New Hampshire, Michelle Bachmann did something that we can all take and apply to our businesses. She promoted her website!

As we all know regardless of our politics, debates are about sound bites. Questions that often take several minutes to ask are supposed to be answered in one minute. Are we to believe that issues so complex that we give blue ribbon panels, and super committees months to debate, can be solved by candidates in a sound bite! This is beyond idiocy!

So what did Michelle Bachmann do – (not an endorsement by the way) on several questions she at least had the sense to mention that for the details visit her website and she gave her website address a few times.

Outside of politics, what can a business owner draw from this? Explaining what services our businesses offer, particularly the details and nuances require more time than we often have. At gathering such as networking groups, events, and tradeshows and online, particularly with Twitter, we are stuck with the sound bite (or as some call it, an elevator speech). What are we to do? Know your sound bite cold, deliver it with enthusiasm and professionalism, but end it by explaining that for more details visit your website and give them the web address twice!

Use the sound bite to your advantage – Promote, promote, and promote your website!