Cowboy Up – Start Kicking and Screaming About Your Blog

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Paul Wackell
Principal Web Designer, SEO Strategist, Social Media Consultant

cowboyAfter years of prodding from your marketing rep – that writing a blog would help your business – after the continual poking by your web expert that it will help with search engine optimization for your website (if set up correctly) and after all the blogs you read that say you should blog, you were finally dragged kicking and screaming to the place where you started (against your will) your own small business blog!

You’ve written a few entries? Now what? Do you just sit around and hope someone will read them? Do you give up and stop writing them? Do you bury your head in the sand and hope for things to go back to the good old days where business just came your way because you were a nice guy or gal? Duh! Of course not!

Since you were brought kicking and screaming to blogging in the first place – keep kicking and screaming – but not about writing your blog and how much of a pain in the butt you think it is, but rather about your blog to the world.

Like your website and your business your blog needs promoting. Don’t just sit there whining! Its time to cowboy up, stand up and promote that darn blog of yours. Here are but a few easy and free ways (not freeways!).

  • Tweet about every entry – and then tweet them again periodically (Not on Twitter yet, get on it.)
  •  Facebook – promote it on your wall on Facebook – start discussions (Not on Facebook yet – Get on Facebook and set up a business page)
  •  Tell 2 friends and have them tell too friends and so on, and so on (intentional shampoo ad reference)
  •  Put your blog address on business cards, email signatures and any and all promotional materials
  •  For new prospects, when emailing them to confirm a meeting or phone call include links to a couple of your blog entries that might be informative to them.
  •  Become a guest writer on another blog
  •  Have guest writers on your blog
  •  Promote your blog on blog tracking sites like Technorati
  •  Be sure to have social media sharing buttons on each post so others can promote them for you
  •  Be sure to have social media sharing buttons your website
  •  Talk about your blog on the home page of your website
  •  Set up the blog so that when you post a new blog entry it automatically posts to Twitter and Facebook.

There are lots of ways to promote your blog. Its just a matter of overcoming inertia so again, Cowboy Up, stand up and start kicking and screaming about your blog!