Do Monkeys Really Need Their Own Wrenches?

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Paul Wackell – Imagine Web Designs
Principal Website Designer – Marketing Consultant

Do monkey’s really need their own wrenches? Of course not what would they do with them. But your business does need a blog. You’re in business, hopefully to make money. You need clients, the economy sucks and you don’t have any more money to spend on marketing. That old adage is echoing in your head, it takes money to make money! No it doesn’t! Start a blog about your business.

You spent money developing a website and a marketing plan right? Yes you did! Your site is professional in appearance and full of great content right?! Of course! You care about your customers, right? Of course you do! Your website is well optimized for Google, right? But of course!, You care about improving your search engine ranking? Yup! You know that adding content via a blog can improve your search engine rankings, right? “It Can? I mean yes I do!” So what are you waiting for – Start a blog!!!

If you have a website it’s likely that your web hosting company offers blog software for free. Have your web designer or marketing pro set it up for you. Now you are off and blogging!

“I can’t write how am I going to blog?” Monkey’s don’t know how to use wrenches either but that won’t stop them from smacking you in the head with one!

You can speak, can’t you? Yes you can – so you can write! What do you have to say about your business that your customers will find helpful? “Yeah but I still can’t write and I don’t have time anyway so there!!”

Great – start a blog anyway and outsource it!!!