Glenn Beck TV – Is This the Beginning of the End for TV News

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Paul Wackell – Principal Web Designer – Web Marketing Consultant
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Love him or hate him, there really seems to be no in between, Glenn Beck is a master of publicity, media, and politics. Arguably one of the most beloved and despised men in media and politics, began a new venture today by launching a new online tv news and entertainment network.

His media empire, which includes a Talk Radio Program, TV show on Fox (soon to end) websites Glenn Beck, The Blaze, The 9-12 Project, Fusion Magazine, and the list goes now includes what is essentially and online TV network.

Beck, a flaming and staunch conservative and capitalist, has been extraordinarily adept at promoting his own brand. He has been an innovator at adapting his radio show to the web, through streaming media, multiple websites and social media.

The most surprising part, to me at least, seems to be that this non traditional marketing and media campaign has been so successful at reaching his core demographic – the 45+ age group, in Middle America.

With the new web TV launch he seems to be actively pursing a younger demographic who don’t watch the news on TV, or go to websites like

What will be the result of this new endeavor, success, failure, implosion, or is it much ado about nothing?

What does this mean for traditional news outlets, will it start a revolution of other outlets taking their wares to the net? Will this do to Fox News, MSNBC and others what the 24 hour News channels did to the Nightly News – relegating it to the sideline? One thing for sure – it’s going to be a fun ride.

Stay tuned!