Google Local Listing – Setting It Up

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Paul Wackell Imagine Web Designs
Principal Designer – Marketing Consultant

Detailed instructions for setting up your Google Local listing can be found at the Google Business Center User Guide. There are quite a few steps needed to set up the listing but it will be well worth the time and effort.

Some of the most critical fields are listed below. It is important that you include this information.

  • Website – if you have a website include it here – make sure the web address  is correct. If you have a blog you may want to put that address instead of your website address, as it is likely to contain more current information. (provided of course that your blog links back to your website.
  • Categories – you are allowed to enter 5 categories to list your business under. Before adding the categories it is vital that you do some research on Google to find out what keywords people actually use to search for your business. The Google Adwords Keyword Tool is a good place to start. Additionally, spend time doing searches in Google to identify the categories your competition are listed in. This is one of the most important areas so get it right. Pick the 5 categories that your research indicates will lead to the most views.
  • Description Field – you are limited to 200 characters so craft your description carefully using your best ranking keywords.
  • Service Area – where you do business – don’t overlook this field
  • Photos – you can post 10 photos – of your products, services, or whatever. Be thoughtful – If you have high quality photos post them. If your photos are of lesser quality you many not want to use them as someone may make a value judgment about you or your products based on inferior photos. In that case hire a photographer to take better quality photos. This is an important area as it provides you with an opportunity to show the quality of your work or services even before the potential client clicks on your website link.
  • Video – again if you have quality video such as an overview of your company, or services, or testimonials post it here. Don’t post home made cell phone quality video – hire a pro.
  • Additional Details – here you can provide details about your company that you couldn’t fit in the description field

If this seems too overwhelming to do on your own – outsource it to your web or marketing professional!