I Got Nothin’ – Now What do I Do?

Post by
Paul Wackell – Imagine Web Designs
Principal Designer – Marketing Consultant – and No Jack Kerouac!

You finally dealt with the fact that blogging is a great way to add content to your website, improve your search engine rankings, network, spread your brand around, (yea right – someone told you, you needed to blog so you are), but now what, you got nothin to say!

So do what I’m doing and steal a page from Seinfeld and blog about – nothing!

Yes! I blog for my business and hopefully, for the right reasons, after all I spent all that time reading all those blogs on blogging and newsletters on blogging and websites of businesses that describe blogging for business, that of course  directed me to their blog, about blogging for business and blogging for websites, and –  I think I even had a twisted dream about the fate of the world relying on my blogging, so I blog.

I blog therefore I am! So much for thinking as the defining characteristic of sentience.  I find that I can in fact blog without thinking (you probably figured that out by now! Which proves you can read blogs without thinking, so what does that say about you?), so therefore, am I? What if I’m not real? What if I’m just the figment of my own, imagination, or worse, the creation of some other dweeb who woke up today with nothing to blog about so he created me in his blog? A guy blogging about a guy who blogs! What next! My head hurts, I think, if I’m real.

Blog, blog, blog, so I do it, and surprisingly, all those blogs about blogs, enewsletters about blogs, emails about blogs, cnn reporters reporting  blogs on the air, instead of actually working,  were right – the damn thing works – even if you have nothing to say. My business has benefited from the effort!

By the way how lazy has the drive by media become – in the old days they used to actually have to leave the office to chase down a story, and if they didn’t get one, it was, well a slow news day. Now they sit in their offices and report, so if it is a slow news day, they read a blog live on the air! A reporter who can’t think, reading a blog to the anchor who can’t think, written by some guy sitting in his basement watching star trek (too close to home on that one) who can’t think, yikes it boggles the mind, me thinks (yes that’s on purpose, not a grammatical mistake – I think – oh darn!!).

Back to nothing – if you blog and have nothing to say – you can still blog, blog about nothing – although,  I’ve found that perhaps the truly effective blogs for business might just be those with something to say (the moral of this story), are informative, and provide some value to their readers. Oh yeah, hopefully they’ll help promote your business as well.

I guess I did have something to say after all, but I’m sure, you’ll be the judge of that! Hey is that  blonde cutie on CNN reading my blog!!!! A boy can dream!