On the Fast Track to Social Networking Success

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Paul Wackell – Imagine Web Designs
Principal Website Designer – Marketing Consultant

When most people think of NASCAR (yes I’m a NASCAR fanatic and have been my entire life) they likely think of loud cars roaring around a track making left turns for hours on end, only to be interrupted by the occasional crash.

I suspect few would imagine a racing team to be on the cutting edge in Social Networking and marketing, but its true!

I was fascinated recently by a profile on the Speed Network, about the Social Networking expert for Joe Gibbs Racing team. JGR  employs a full time webmaster/emarketing expert who is in charge of all electronic media for the team. Boris (not his real name – a nickname give to him by the team because he looks like a driver who happens to be named Boris) travels with the team week to week. He maintains and updates their website. He blogs daily, often several times a day, maintains a Facebook page, Tweets about the day to day happenings, takes video and photos and posts those to the blog and website and much more.

NASCAR, until recently a bastion of the southern sports enthusiast has become a true national obsession.  It is an expensive sport requiring huge sponsorship dollars to keep teams competitive. What many in the public don’t realize about NASCAR is that fan loyalty is much higher in NASCAR than in any other sport in America. They buy the products from the sponsors that support and advertise for their favorite racers.

Joe Gibbs Racing, looking to tap into a younger market, is taking advantage of social media to reach these younger viewers, promote their team, and promote their sponsors! Its a win win! The fans get lots of inside info, cool video and the like.

Then end result.  More sponsorship dollars, more clients for their sponsors, and more awareness for NASCAR and Joe Gibbs Racing.

Is there a lesson to be learned for your business?  Are you on the fast track to social networking success? I hope so.