Really!, Really?! – Who Are You Kidding?

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Paul Wackell – Imagine Web Designs
Principal Website Designer – Inbound Marketing Consultant

There’s an advertisement playing on a local radio station that begins “we know that radio advertising still brings the best return on investment for your advertising dollar” – Really? REALLY?!?! I know the ad is self serving as it is a radio station trying to sell advertising on their own station, but REALLY?!?! Did I just wake up on another planet, or in the early part of the twentieth century before the invention of television, when radio was the big man on campus?

Every time I hear the ad I want to do a couple of things, first hit my head against the wall (but decide against this as being just a bit unwise, although i could use an attitude adjustment), scream at the radio (are you friggin kidding me), and then just ask them to prove it! PROVE IT.

Under what circumstances, against what other marketing efforts, for what industry or business. The ad focuses on the one size fits all approach to marketing. Selling cars – buy radio advertising, lawyer – buy radio advertising, painting houses -buy radio advertising; selling radio ad space – buy radio advertising (maybe this one is true) do you detect a theme developing here?

Don’t get me wrong, there is still a need, a time and a place for radio advertising, tv advertising, print advertising and others, but I suspect, given the advent of  websites, search marketing, email marketing, and all the  inbound marketing tools such as social media, that radio is rarely if ever the best return on investment for your advertising dollar, particularly since many of the social media options are free!

The moral of the story here is that there is no one size fits all approach to marketing your business. In a difficult economy when marketing budgets are tight, it pays to have a comprehensive marketing plan that details your business strengths, weaknesses and goals, and that sorts through the myriad of marketing tools, to help you choose the best options for you. Before you commit your precious marketing dollars be sure you are directing them wisely.