Rodney Dangerfield, Caddyshack and Wasted Real Estate

Post by
Paul Wackell
Principal Designer, SEO Strategist, Social Media Consultant

In the classic 1980 comedy movie Caddyshack – Rodney Dangerfield’s character Al Czervik exclaimed -“I tell ya, golf courses and cemeteries are the biggest wastes of prime real estate”.

While I don’t agree with him about golf courses being the golf fanatic that I am, I do agree with him about the other. So what does this have to do with anything anyway.

How you utilize your web real estate – that is the different parts of your website –  particularly as they apply to search engine optimization is crucial to your site being ranked on the first page or 10th of Google Searches. Getting your website found on search engines is hugely important to business success. After all someone can’t hire you if they don’t know they exist.

So how do you use your web real estate? The absolute prime real estate on your website for SEO is the title tag. That’s the text that appears in the top blue bar of your browser. While often over looked by most web users – it is the most important – and first place – Google goes to index information as part of the ranking process.

You need to create title tags that are short and  contain crucial keywords! Good title tags on all your web pages can definitely improve your search engine rankings.

So to quote me (as I often do) “I tell ya welcome messages and page names are the greatest wastes of prime web real estate!”.

Check your title tags – if they aren’t keyword rich – give some though to updating them and getting the ranking respect you deserve!

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