Blogging by the Numbers – Psychotic Monkeys, Iguanas, and Why I hate My GPS.

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Paul Wackell – Web Designer – Social Media Consultant – Marketing Consultant
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It’s that time again, the time you dread each month, or day, or week depending on the schedule you set up and promised you’d keep. Time to write another blog entry!

Now I know as pupils of mine (okay I can dream) you realize the influence blogging can have on your business. The roll it plays in marketing and in social media. It doesn’t have to be just another one of those things that stress you out so much that they keep you up at night. But you made a promise to your self and you intend to keep it.

You log-in to the admin feature of your blog, select “posts” then “add new” and voila the post interface is staring you blankly in the face! Yikes, the dreaded blank screen, the very blankness screaming at you like some nightmarish psychotic monkey taunting you from an opioid induced hallucination! (Too much?)

Okay – how’s this? The blank screen seems to be mocking you, questioning you, doubting your intelligence, like your GPS system does when you miss a turn and it blurts out in that sarcastic, accusatory tone, (by the way in the case of my system, a female voice that I’m quite certain belongs to an ex who once stalked me!) “turn around when possible, you idiot! Why don’t you ever listen to me! You never listen to me!!”

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has argued with his GPS before! Mine actually once accused me of cheating on her with Mapquest.  Sometime I think she gives me wrong directions on purpose so she can yell at me some more. (I’m sure she tells all her GPS friends how much of an idiot I am and that I always take her for granted.) (Too much!?)

That’s just one of many reasons that I’ll never get a smart phone! The psychotic monkeys are sounding better all the time!

Back to the blog thing and the blank screen. What’s a business owner to do when staring into the abyss of a blank blog post screen? Pull out your web stats and have at it!

What do you mean have at it?! And do I really need to look at my web stats again? I looked at them last month – okay I glanced at them, okay I printed them out and meant to look at them but  then lost them somewhere in my office, or my pet iguana Reggie ate them, yea that’s it, then I ran out of ink and they don’t make ink for my printer any more!

Do I really need to look at my web stats again? I’d rather argue with my GPS, or play ping pong with my pet iguana and the psychotic monkey!

In other blog posts I’ve discussed at length, web analytics. What they are, why you must get the reports, what the numbers mean and in some instances what you can use them for.

Here’s another idea you can use you stats for. Ideas for blog entries. Go to the keywords section and see what keywords were used to search for you. As an example a client of mine that runs a strategic marketing business, noticed in last months stats, several people searching by the keyword phrase “art museum marketing” or variations thereof.

What a perfect idea for a blog entry.

She also noticed that many of her visitors were reading a new case study on marketing for law firms. – Again another great idea for a blog entry and perhaps more targeted marketing efforts.

What these types of stats show are people looking for more information about services you offer, so find a way to leverage this and provide them with more content. They are looking for info, so give it to them. Blog, Blog, Blog.

Go to your web stats and have at it, and perhaps, quiet the psychotic monkeys and finally get a good night sleep. (Of course my GPS will still treat me like dirt! I think I’ll let Reggie play ping pong with it!)