Should I redesign my website – the small business owner’s conundrum

Post by Paul Wackell
Principal Website Designer – Marketing Consultant
Imagine Web Designs

Let’s face it – the economy sucks and it appears it will get worse before it gets better. Small businesses of all kinds are suffering. Budgets are tight, marketing money is scarce. So given the limited resources should you look at redesigning your website?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question but below are a few things that you may want to consider when making this decision.

  • The last ad you placed in the local paper got you no new business
  • Your last direct mail campaign failed miserably
  • Your traffic has been steadily decreasing
  • You are not getting business from the site (you have in the past but not now)
  • You are not getting business from the site and never did
  • Your customers complain to you that your site is out of date
  • Your customers complain your site sucks
  • When you view your web stats your bounce rate is way over 60%
  • Your content has not been updated in several years
  • Your content no longer accurately describes you or your business
  • Your Google rankings have dropped and you are no longer getting first page rankings
  • You never got first page rankings on Google for any of the important keywords
  • Friends and colleagues (those who are willing to be honest with you) say your site is ugly, boring, or just bad
  • Your competitions’ sites are more up to date, better looking, have better content.
  • You had your neighbors kid make your site
  • You bought a template and built it yourself but you don’t know much about marketing or search engine optimization
  • Your last web guy never mentioned marketing or search engine optimization

These are just a few reasons to consider a redesign of your small business website. Taking on this project can be a daunting task that takes both time and money, but given the direction of marketing as a whole, for most small businesses, focusing on the web as your primary marketing vehicle is likely to give you the highest rate of return.

Not sure what to do – speak with your marketing and or web consultant.