Stale Bread and Web Content Updates

Posted by
Paul Wackell – Imagine Web Designs
Principal Website Designer – Marketing Consultant

I often get asked by potential clients, “what’s wrong with my website? I’m not getting business from it like I used to. My response – It’s stale bread!

Following the quizzical look, the pregnant pause and the inevitable “huh?’ (with shoulder shrug for emphasis) I will go on to explain what I mean. I usually begin with a  simple question. When’s the last time you updated your content. “Huh?” When is the last time you updated your content? “Huh? I’m supposed to update my content?” And so begins a lengthy explanation about the purpose of your website as a marketing tool, the importance of developing strong relationships with your clients, building your reputation as a professional in your field, the importance of content to search engine optimization, and on and on and on.

The “Content is King” lesson is a standard part of  the educational repertoire that I impart to all new clients. If you are going to market your business via the web, and work with us, you are going to do it right, you are going to update your site often and you are always going to be thinking, what new information can I add to my site that will help my customers and visitors to my site! “Yes Yes Yes, I have updates to my site.”

I must say, I love the phone calls and emails from clients saying they have updated content. I know then that they get it! They value their customers and they understand the role their website plays in marketing their businesses.

So what’s wrong with your site? Start by throwing out the stale bread!!!!!