Twitter Me This? NASCAR, Red Bull and Speed!

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Paul Wackell – Imagine Web Designs
Principle Website Designer – Marketing Consultant

Hi name is Speed. Scott Speed, he’s young, handsome, hails from California,  he’s a rookie race car driver in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series, and he drives for Red Bull Racing. You can’t make this stuff up! He is Hollywood central casting for the quintessential movie race car driver – Tom Cruise meets Ian Sumerhalder (yeah I didn’t know who he was either.  I had to look him up on IMDB. But rest assured Scott’s  legion of fans knows who Ian is.)

Speed represents the new face of NASCAR. Not just that he’s young or handsome or from someplace other than the deep south. Rather he and his team have embraced the complete approach to team marketing. From his stylish website with downloadable wallpaper, video in development, and more, to a recent appearance on the sounds of NASCAR on the Speed channel, where he can be seen at his hairstylist tweeting photos of his new look, to later that evening tweeting about the DJs at the club he was at, he misses no opportunity to develop his brand.  Team Red Bull follows the same mantra. You can follow the team on their website, (, or on Twitter, or Facebook or via RSS feeds. Do you see where I’m going with this?

The lesson to be learned here is clear. Understand your market, and utilize every weapon in your marketing arsenal to keep your brand out in front of your customers and prospects.