Twitter Me This – The King of all Socialists

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Social media has taken a side trip into the world of the conspiracy, the dark, the twisted, the downright bizarre, not of its own doing but by being open to anyone. Twitter is a great tool to keep in touch with friends, follow celebrities, your favorite athlete, make your dinner arrangements. During the recent democratic uprising in Iran, twitter go the news out to the rest of the world. An amazing accomplishment given its humble beginnings, to become a messenger of freedom! Twitter has also become an essential tool for business to market themselves, deliver their message to clients and prospects, the communicate directly with the public, address PR issues, comment on feedback and much much more.

Now lets welcome to Twitter – the nut job of all nut jobs Hugo Chavez.  Socialist Dictator Hugo Chavez, who recently shut down all news outlets that disagreed with him, has embraced twitter as a way of delivering his socialist agenda to the masses and to counter what he labels an ongoing conspiracy against him and his regime.

As of this morning he already had 25000 followers ( I wonder if they knew they were followers, of just forced to for their own survival)

Yikes! Oh well – the price of freedom of speech (oops! Oh yah, they don’t have that in Venezuela!)