Web Analytics 101 – Part Eight – We Are the Champions – Top Content

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Paul Wackell – Imagine Web Designs
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More meat, more potatoes, more great information that can grow your business. Previously, in the last web analytics lesson we entered the realm of the truly valuable information contained in your Google Analytics report, the Keyword analysis. Today we continue the journey toward success with the Top Content section of your analytics. While the keywords tell you how visitors found your website, the Top Content section shows you exactly what pages clients visited.

Below is an image of just part of the Top Content report. As you can see 42 pages were visited a total of 906 times, but for simplicity sake only the first four are displayed.

The Top Content report is definitely worthy of your attention. You can determine what pages are drawing the most visitors, and perhaps more importantly, what pages aren’t drawing visitors. So what do you do with this information. Ask questions! Why is this page the most popular? Why doesn’t this page draw much traffic? Why do visitors not move on from this page to others? Why do so many visitors exit the site from this page? Is this the page I want most visitors to go to, if not why? Given the keywords clients are searching by, are they finding the correct pages? Do I need to update content, add pages, delete pages, change my marketing approach?

Is your head spinning yet? Statistics that are not analyzed and acted upon might as well be a pile of junk mail tossed into the circular file. It is what you do with the information contained in your Google Analytics reports that will lead to business success.

Still confused? Me to but only about how the heck Lost is going to end? Who will be the new Jacob? My money’s on Hurley – win one for fat guys everywhere!

But if you are confused about what to do with your stats consult your web and marketing professionals for assistance.