Web Analytics 101 – Part One – Unique Visitors

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Paul Wackell – Imagine Web Designs
Principal Website Designer – Marketing Consultant

So you’ve heeded the earlier advice to get a hold of your website stats or analytics. Now you have pages upon pages of info! What is all this stuff? What does it mean? What do I do with this?

Going forward we will explain many of the important categories of statistics, what they mean, why they are important and what you should do with this information. Check back often for information about other statistical categories.

For today, the magic stat is “Unique Visitors” – Unique visitors is the number of unique or unduplicated visitors to your website over a given time period. With our clients we usually track stats from month to month so the report shows the number of unduplicated visitors who came to the site in the last month.  This is a good basic statistic as it provides  you with a benchmark for traffic to your site.

With this information you can track the success of your marketing efforts. If the number of unique visitors trends up from month to month then you know whether or not your efforts at generating traffic to your site worked. If for example you purchase advertisements in your local newspaper over the course of several weeks and the traffic to your site hasn’t increased, and you haven’t gotten any calls from prospects, you may want to consider redirecting those funds to some other endeavor.

More on other web analytics categories coming soon. Keep in mind that the numbers themselves tell only part of the story. Interpreting what they mean and adapting your marketing efforts to take advantage of trends in the stats are the keys to success. If you are overwhelmed by all that or are just plain too busy running your business you may want to hire a skilled web marketing professional to work with to not only assist you in interpreting the numbers but to help you create and direct future marketing efforts.