Weiner-gate – Are You Kidding Me – Social Media Ignorance – Here We Go Again.

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Paul Wackell – Principal Web Designer – Marketing and Social Media Consultant
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By now the whole world knows the creepy details of Weinergate, unless of course you live in a cave near Kandahar.

Without rehashing the details of this or many other instances of bad behavior on social media by politicians, this is again a teachable moment. Social Media is permanent, prolific and spreads like the plaque!

While these features can be a great thing for things like promoting your business, creating buzz, starting a peoples uprising in Iran, or sharing your favorite cute kittens video, it can also be a deadly trap. Step into it stupidly, impulsively, without thinking, it will clamp down on you like bear trap, and by the time  you realize you can’t free yourself from the trap, not only will you regret your decision, the ongoing degradation, and your plain old poor judgment, you’ll be begging someone to make it all go away, or kill you!

If you want to destroy your reputation personally or professionally, screw up on social media! Don’t be a Twit on Twitter, or a Farce on Facebook! Develop some common sense and look before you leap. (I’m running out of clichés).

Don’t be stupid, if you use social media for your business, or just for fun. It is important that you  fully understand the potential consequences of your actions, and manage your reputation prudently! Stop taking lessons from out of touch ego maniacal politicians (Tony etc.), celebrities (Charlie Sheen – you’re a bad boy) and athletes (that’s right Tiger I’m talking about you) and don’t be stupid!