What I like about my business in 45 seconds or less

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Joan A. Wackell – Maestro Strategic Marketing
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A few weeks ago I heard an optometrist (www.drtomasino.com) speak about the joy she gets from her work. She only had 45 seconds to present her thoughts (that’s our BNI chapter rule). Anyway, she did it with such relish – something about removing foreign bodies from someone’s eyes and the relief that her client gets from that- I was impressed.

It got me to thinking-what could I say about how I love being in marketing in 45 seconds or less? First, I love my clients and their unique marketing challenges, I love recommending customized marketing strategies that help them meet their business goals and grow their business. And, I get great satisfaction from client feedback. One memorable comment was made when a client introduced me to a colleague: “Meet Joan, since she started marketing for me, my business increased 300%.”

Now that’s a lot to say in just 45 seconds and it is not the sum of what owning a marketing firm does for me. I do love being my own boss and many other things too long to list. Sometimes we get so carried away with the business-at-hand that we don’t stop to think about the fun and the joy that we get along the way, and the impact on others.

Hats off to Dr. T. for making me take time to reflect on what I like best about my own business. It actually renewed my business confidence and satisfaction. Try it on for size –   you may be surprised with the results.