You are What You Tweet

Post by
Paul Wackell – Imagine Web Designs
Principal Designer – Marketing Consultant

You’ve heard the mantra before, think twice before you send that email about your boss, or the photos of you drunk at the party last Saturday, or update your Facebook page with the video of you dancing with that woman who isn’t your wife! These things are forever! If you don’t want a record of how much you hate your boss, don’t email about it to a co-worker, you could get fired.

There is an Orwellian sense of permanence  to daily life these days. It seems as if nothing we do is off the record, or private. When shopping, driving, traveling, walking down the street, going to a game, or dining out you are on surveillance video. When texting, you never know if the recipient is saving the texts so they can use them against you at a later date (see Tiger Woods, Jesse James), When partying with friends on a Saturday night  someone’s  got a cellphone camera and your idiocy could be on You Tube in minutes.

Now Twitter joins the party. Early this month the Library of Congress (go figure our government – the head of our Nanny State – and the true big brother) will act as a repository for all Tweets.  So everything you Tweet will now be permanently stored at the Library of Congress. Yippee, I feel so safe! If you feel you will regret it later, don’t Tweet it. It could cost you a job someday, or cost you votes, or just plain old tick off your significant other.

Don’t let the ghosts of your past come back to haunt you – be careful what you Tweet!